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Residential Services


If you have recently moved into a new house or apartment there is no knowing how many tradesmen, realtors or previous residents may have had access to your keys. This worry can be eliminated by rekeying your existing locks. It is a simple, quick, clean and relatively inexpensive procedure which does not require new locks. You can also have any or all of the locks in your home or apartment work from a single key. No more trying to remember which key works in which lock. And no more key rings bulging in your pocket.


LockPro Security is able to do full installs on new deadbolts. We can also replace or repair existing deadbolts to ensure security and Peace of Mind!


In the unfortunate event that you get locked out of your residence, we provide Locksmith Sevices that will get you back inside. While most residential locks can be picked, on occasion it may be necessary to drill out a lock to gain access. This measure would only be taken as a last resort

Guard against lock bumping

For added SECURITY against Lock Bumping, ask about Having Bump Halt pins installed in your existing Lock sets and deadbolts. Bump Halt provides a “Bump Resistant” solution to key bumping that will resist the transfer of force from the bump to the pins!


Patio Locks are an area of household security that is sometimes overlooked. Please call to discuss the best solution and for pricing.

Google Reviews

Luc was my lock technician. My door knob was loose and came off Monday morning so I gave LockPro a call, they sent Luc and he did a great job, walking me through what I needed to do and he came very quickly! He had to drill a secondary hole in my door and cleaned it up and the installation was both quick and extremely well done. Would call them back in a heartbeat!

Olivia Bell Avatar Olivia Bell
November 22, 2023

Luc bailed us out when our lock broke, locking us out of our house. He replaced both our deadbolts super promptly (he was here within an hour), for a reasonable price with excellent service. He gets my highest recommendation!

Joel Reid Avatar Joel Reid
November 20, 2023

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