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So you have really good quality latches available in your home or office, hence you might be thinking, do a really need a deadbolt lock? Well, you most certainly do. In fact, any good locksmith would recommend a homeowner to switch to deadbolt locks. Regular latches and locks are okay if your residence is in an extremely safe neighborhood but if you live in an area where you have heard many homes being raided when the owners weren’t there or office thefts taking place with valuable assets being stolen, then you better think about installing deadbolt locks on your doors.

Even if you do not stay in a place that has seen a lot of crime, it’s always a good idea to have an additional layer of security. Most of the regular door locks that are usually installed on doors are not quite secure and can be opened easily using a card or sometimes by just giving the door a hard enough push. However, deadbolt locks are much more secure and cannot be opened using these common breaking and entering techniques.

Thus, if you want to free your mind from the worry of someone breaking into your home or office by force, especially when no one is around, then you can be at ease when you install a deadbolt lock as breaking in forcefully or even by key bumping will be extremely difficult if your door has a deadbolt lock on it. Changing the normal locks of your residence for good quality deadbolt one is also not as expensive as you might think. The deadbolt lock will surely be worth whatever price you pay as it will keep your assets and precious possessions safe and protected.

Whenever a person locks a deadbolt lock, it cannot be opened by using any amount of force or using any flat material like credit cards. The lock is bolted in place and no amount of effort taken to open the lock will succeed unless the door is broken down. Moreover, deadbolts are made from tougher steel materials and hence are more durable and stronger than regular latch-type locks. A deadbolt lock can only be opened by a specially designed key to operate and rotate the lock cylinder within it. So basically without the key, the door cannot be opened easily. It’s as simple as that!

You need to keep in mind that deadbolts can only be installed by a professional and on strong door frames. Since a deadbolt lock is made up of solid materials, it is quite heavy to be used on lighter doors. So it’s best to install them only on the main entry doors of your house or office space. Also, installing a deadbolt lock is not a very simple process, so it’s better for you to call an expert locksmith to install it for you once you decide to change all the ordinary locks in your home or office area.

Do not try installing a deadbolt lock by yourself as it could take a lot of your time and effort. What’s more, if you don’t install it properly, then it defeats the purpose of having a deadbolt lock in the first place. Also, there are many different types of deadbolt locks available, so instead of buying the wrong one and wasting your money, it would be best for you to leave this decision in the hands of a skilled locksmith who can inspect the doors of your home or office and then advise you on which kind of deadbolt lock would be best for you to procure.

Additionally, a locksmith is the perfect person to help you install and test all the new deadbolt locks that you want for your residence. Don’t risk installing these locks through a person who does not have any relevant experience in handling deadbolt locks. Chances are that they might not do a good job and may end up either damaging the lock or your door. Always trust a trained and well-experienced locksmith to give you the best service when it comes to installing deadbolt locks or informing you which brand of deadbolts you need to purchase for your residence. By doing this, you will ensure that your money is well spent on both getting the best quality of branded deadbolt locks and also having them installed properly on your doors.

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