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Re-keying – Why it is important

Have you ever considered re-keying the locks of your commercial property or office? Some business owners do not know the importance of re-keying their locks and hence they do not give it a second thought. However, since a commercial property like an office or an industrial building might contain crucial data, files and other assets that are vital for the business, it is essential for a property owner to have good quality locks that cannot be tampered with.


While we live in a civilized world, there could be some lawless individuals out there who might attempt to sabotage or steal critical information or other valuable resources from your commercial property. They usually target the locks of your property and hence if they are able to attain an extra key for even one of your old locks, then they could easily gain access to your office space to vandalize or rob it.


Here’s how re-keying your locks can help you keep your commercial property safe and secure.


  1. Helps you keep your property protected for the long run:


When you re-key the locks on all the doors of your commercial property, then you are ensuring that they are upgraded with the latest type of locks that are available in the market. Many good quality locks nowadays are tamper-resistant and thus they will not be so easy to bust open unless they are unlocked using a correct key that fits the lock.


Hence, if you have had the same old locks on your doors for quite a while now, then it is time for you to change them and use the more modern and highly secure ones that can offer better security to your commercial property. The longer you wait to change your locks, the older they will get and these old locks are an ideal target for thieves. 


  1. Discourages break-ins:


Some of the best locks open only with a specific key. So when you have your locks re-keyed, you will get a new key to open the lock. If you have the budget, then you can even install more advanced locks available in the market that unlock the door when a certain type of key card is used. Installing these kinds of high-security locks will definitely discourage anyone from even attempting to break into your office space. Without the right key or key card, it would be nearly impossible to open the locked door.


Even if a thief did try to break into your office, they would be unsuccessful as these types of locks cannot be picked using any lock-picking instrument. Once these modern locks have been installed for property, your business assets or products will no longer be vulnerable to theft, instead, they will be absolutely safe and protected behind securely locked doors.


  1. Prevents individuals from using spare keys for your old locks:


Re-keying locks basically involves changing the cylinder or pins of your locks so that they need a practically brand-new key to be opened. This will help eliminate the possibility of anyone who has had a spare key to your old locks from entering your property. For instance, suppose one of your old employees has quit working for your company and you realize that they had a key to your office, then it will be difficult to recover that spare key, especially if the employee has left the company on bad terms.


So then by re-keying the locks, that ex-employee will no longer be able to access your office as they would need the new key that opens the newly installed lock pins. Thus, re-keying the locks in your office is the best way to prevent anyone from entering your commercial property using the old office keys, as they would need the new keys to gain access to your property.


  1. Ensure your office keys are with the people you trust:


Once you have re-keyed the locks of your commercial property, you will be the only person who has the correct keys to lock or unlock all the doors of your office. Hence, you will now be in a position to choose who among your employees is trustworthy enough to have a set of keys to your commercial office space.


Thus, after r-keying your locks, you will be in total control of who gets to have the new set of keys to open the office. It is always a good idea to hand over a duplicate key to someone whom you trust so that they can open your office in case you are not able to make it due to an emergency. This will avoid a situation where your employees would be stuck outside the office in case you are not able to make it work that day for whatever reason.




If you have a commercial property, then it would be extremely beneficial for you to re-key your locks as this is an easy and very cost-effective way of improving the security of your commercial property. A professional locksmith who is well-experienced in offering locksmith services could help you re-key the locks of your office and prepare a new set of keys for you to use.


We at LockPro can offer you the high-grade MX10 series of locks that will provide your commercial property with the highest level of protection. These locks have unique cylinders that are completely pick-resistant, thus reducing the possibility of any break-ins occurring. These series of locks can be used for all your electronic doors and padlocks which can be easily installed by professional locksmiths from the LockPro team.

Therefore, please do contact us if you need to get the locks of your office or commercial property re-keyed so that a professional locksmith from our team will visit your property to get them installed in no time. We offer re-keying services for both commercial and residential properties. Call on (306)979-0588 for further inquiries or email us at [email protected] and we will reply back to you at the earliest.

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