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Master Keying

When there are dozens of doors in your residence or commercial property, then each of those doors will have its separate key. If you are the owner of residential or commercial property then you would be in possession of a huge number of keys that are needed to open the various doors of your home or office area. Not only is it annoying to carry around these huge sets of keys, but it would also be quite confusing to figure out which key opens what lock. Fortunately, this can easily be avoided by using a master key for all your doors.

So what is master keying exactly? In short, master keying is making a key that can open all the doors of your house or office. So you no longer have to carry around a huge bunch of keys on a keychain every time and spend time finding the right key for a locked door. With your master key, you can open any door you want to as the locks would be specially designed to open if the master key is being used to open it. Thus, you don’t need to worry about losing a key to any particular door as the master key can quickly open all your doors.

Master keying is also a good idea if you want to create another set of keys for your employee or family member for emergencies. You can create multiple master keys for your locks and distribute them to people you trust, so in case you lose your main master key, then someone you know will always have a spare one with them. Duplicating a single master key is definitely better than having to duplicate dozens of keys for multiple doors. The more keys you have, the more difficult it would be for you to keep a track on all of them.

If you are the owner of a residential property or office that has many different doors that use the traditional lock and key system, then you must seriously consider using a master key. This type of key will just make things simpler for you in terms of accessing and locking all the doors quickly whenever you need to leave the place. If you had locks that had to be opened and locked with their own sets of keys, then you would take quite some time locking up all the doors and ensuring that they are locked. So having a master key will surely save you a lot of time.

Hence, if you want fast access to a certain room of your house or office, then you don’t need to hunt through many keys and identify the right one. Using your master key, you can conveniently slip it into the lock and gain access to that room with ease. So if you feel that it is really very convenient to have just one key to open two or more locks, then using a master key system for your residence or office property would be the right option for you. So once you decide to go for master keying, then contact a professional locksmith to create one for you.

A good locksmith has the required expertise to help you get a master key created that will work for opening and locking all the doors in your office or residence. Moreover, a professional locksmith will get a master key system designed for your property that is very efficient and of good quality. A master key and locking system can be designed by your locksmith very quickly and easily as he would know exactly how to convert a regular lock into a master key system by installing a master pin within the lock.

Remember that getting a master key should be considered if you have a home or office that has two or more locks and you wish to operate both the locks with a single key. You should definitely consider getting a master key if you have a residential or commercial property than has a large number of doors. Doing this will only help you access all the rooms of your property without the hassle of having to look through too many keys and trying to find the right one that fits the lock. Your master key will help simplify things and give you easy access to all your rooms quickly.

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